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 Title  odosynths: free VST.
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 URL  http://odosynths.panicnow.net
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 Last uptime  09-08-2004
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 Email  alex@hqsamples.com
Rhyhms v1.1

Rhyhms is a drum synth so no samples used :)
it has 2 bassdrums and 2 snares
open close pedal and a extra hihat
low mid and hi toms
nice clap
metal effect

unknown synth 4
unknown synth is a fat rave plugin some say the sound it makes is almost the same as refx Vanguard
it uses the unison mod a little different :)
has also a sequencer for the filer or oscs
it uses 2 adsr for the filters with low hi band and 4pole filter
it has also 128 presets :)

oddly Organ LOW CPU
oddly organ is a very nice percusion organ :)
it has also a eq adsrs for filter and volume distortion
tremolo 2 time chorus and a rotate fx :)

kick me too version 2
kick me too is a drum effect synth,it has 5 drum synths,Phase Mod
h-limit,cutoff,sine and triangle noise waves,volume,decay, time and hight,for 4 synths low-pass hi-pass band-pass and 5 outputs
apad 5 30-7-2004
an analog pad synth it has 3 oscilators,detune,oscilator volumes,octave settings,phasemod,3 adsrs 1 per oscilator,adsr filter:lowpass bandpass hipass.flanger and bmp panner,bpm delay and 2 filter effects bmp of free ,glide,retigger mono mode,+103 presets
version 5 has 2 choruses and adsr for volume and velocity

this synth uses 4 oscs and 4 for the phase mod
it has flanger/filter crosser or panner
filter slicer and volume slicer and more
+64 presetes

a-sine is an simple synth it uses only sines nice for organs and fm sounds
it has 4 Phase Modulations,4 Oscilators,adsr filter and volume,auto pan mix osc a/b mix osc c/d and 100presets,and More
It`s back TB-Ukkie is a very small plugin that i use for basses

just a nice little organ with filter rotate fx and phasemod

basje version 2
bassje is a very big sample sequencer
with 3 toms already installed
it`s very nice to make your drums a bit alive :)
hope you like it

basje it my cat`s name :)

i wanted to make a cpu friendly soundfonts player
and it is :)
i want to update this one becourse i found a way to make it again less cpu :)

sweepie vstfx
sweepie is a simple filter effect it rotates 2 filters

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