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  Harry Morse Project   Full info | Rate this site   
refill, reason, sax cuts, guitar, rex
Views: 3347  Visits: 4172  Rated: 11  Comments: 1  Rate: 7.73  Added: 20-04-2004

  Loop Creators   Full info | Rate this site   
Drum samples for all music styles: techno,trance,dance,hardhouse,breakbeat,electro drum&bass,hardcore,ambient drum loops.
Views: 18912  Visits: 13062  Rated: 3171  Comments: 24  Rate: 8.52  Added: 23-01-2004

  Samplecraze   Full info | Rate this site   
High Quality sample site. Instant download packs. Samplecraze have compiled some of their best sounds into a collection of Audio Sample Packs.
Views: 2311  Visits: 7554  Rated: 3  Comments: 0  Rate: 4.00  Added: 12-12-2003

  http://www.dnbhq.com   Full info | Rate this site   
It is a drum'n'bass lifestyle resource covering music reviews, interviews with the biggest names on the scene, and scene news updated daily
Views: 6834  Visits: 5434  Rated: 1  Comments: 0  Rate: 10.00  Added: 20-01-2003

  http://www.breakbeatsonly.com   Full info | Rate this site   
Download breakbeat loops and samples!
Views: 7015  Visits: 9553  Rated: 0  Comments: 0  Rate: 0.00  Added: 20-11-2002   Full info | Rate this site   
Drumloops on cube root:

60 - 139 BPM Drum Loops

140 - 150 BPM Drum Loops

160 - 179 BPM Drum Loops

180+ BPM Drum Loops

Misc/Unknown BPM Drum Loops
Views: 13311  Visits: 15468  Rated: 1  Comments: 0  Rate: 1.00  Added: 20-11-2002

  http://mp3.com/kdawg   Full info | Rate this site   
# 1 source for down south rap beats.
Views: 4733  Visits: 5185  Rated: 1  Comments: 0  Rate: 6.00  Added: 20-11-2002

  http://www.analogindustries.com/   Full info | Rate this site   
The Analog Industries site, in its previous form, was an experiment to see if, given the opportunity, people would donate a relatively small amount of money, in return for a relatively large amount of usefull creative content. The experiment proved that the fundamental nature of human beings is to take, but not give. We were hoping that wouldn't be the case, but in point of fact, the number of donations didn't cover even .01% of the cost needed to provide the bandwidth for such a heavily-used resource. For every dollar donated to this site, an average of 35,000 mb of data were downloaded. So, a sincere thank-you to the people that were kind enough to donate, and to those that didn't, we hope you enjoyed the fruits of our labor. There will be a new AI site in the near future, as we examine the available options to make something of this scale at the very least pay for itself. If you have any thoughts on what form this new site might take, please write us.
Here are a whole mess o' samples for you to download. The entire list is updated on the first of every month. These samples are all stereo 44.1kHz .WAV files and are all loops with Acid properties already set.
Views: 9477  Visits: 10531  Rated: 1  Comments: 1  Rate: 1.00  Added: 30-08-2002

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